Illustrative Essay

Illustrative Essay as the name indicates is an essay that is written to illustrate or clarify an idea by using examples. With the aid of carefully selected examples Illustrative Essays can easily prove the writer’s point. Examples and similar events are the main strength of an illustrative essay. Therefore the brilliance of an illustrative essay lies in the selection of appropriate examples and the usage of interesting scenarios that engages a reader to think and observe and in the end walk away with a different point of view.

As the writer has to support his idea or thesis in an illustrative essay, therefore his each and every statement should contribute towards the achievement of a single objective and that is to prove his point or thesis. Illustrative Essay should not be too complex as its primary objective is to clarify the writers point. If the examples used in an essay were too puzzling and difficult to comprehend then the reader would most likely end up in the state of confusion, which is not the desired. Examples and scenarios discussed in an illustrative essay should not be common because common examples start to make your essay less interesting and less attractive. One or two common examples may affect the prior goodness of an essay and may make the essay less attractive in the upcoming discussion. Thus it is utmost important to maintain the interest of the reader by providing new and specific examples that maintain the interest of the reader. All these points must be considered while writing a good illustrative essay.

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